Video Premiere: Lesibu Grand Explore The Durability Of Love On “The Legend Of Miranda”

We all have our fantasies. And for the most part they’re benign, maybe even beneficial in the sense that they provide us with an escape from the mundane. But when fantasy begins to supplant reality and we find ourselves wanting and wishing rather than actively pursuing our dreams and desires, then, well, things can get messy pretty quick. This is especially true of marriage and love, which demands constant passion (a bit of patience doesn’t hurt either) in order to keep the intoxicating allure of fantasy at bay.

On their new single and video “The Legend of Miranda,” Atlanta newcomers Lesibu Grand explore this contrast between everyday life and fantasy, with an eye towards its effect on the durability of love. Directed and edited by Claudia Turner, the video features vocalist Tyler-Simone Molton and bassist John Renaud as a couple searching desperately for a way out of the suburban ennui that has engulfed their marriage.

Nathalie Harewood